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Points well made, Malcontent. Isn't there room under the gay umbrella for those who are not musical theatre enthusiasts or otherwise sitcom-stereotypical? "As a straight woman" with a lifelong gay male best friend, I don't think that sexual orientation necessarily needs to be the first adjective with which a person describes himself or herself. It's an important and integral quality, and one of which a person should never be ashamed...but perhaps not the facet by which we primarily define ourselves. You don't fit "the mold" of what typically is emphasized at pride events; does that make you any "less" gay or less a part of the community? I don't think so. You're an intelligent person living your life in a way that makes you happy; you don't have to bow to convention or put on an act that's not really "you" to prove yourself as a gay man. Just my two cents... : )


Thanks Norma (and welcome back). I appreciate your backing. Not to feel sorry for myself, but it's a real bitch being a gay contrarian. I was worried I might've gone too far, but what the hell, I'm just playing defense (after the self-loathing card was dealt, the gloves were off).


As an addendum, I think I've bashed "straight" culture plenty, too. So I guess that makes me a self-loathing, hetero-hating homo.


It's a bitch being an cynical, educated intelligent stay-at-hom-mom sometimes, too. ; ) And there is plenty to bash about pretty much any culture -- straight, gay, ethnic, religious, etc. ; ) Recognizing your own weaknesses and flaws, I think -- and then either accepting or improving them -- is the key to happiness.


Right the Fuck ON, Mal!

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