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Good stuff, Markie, good stuff.

Markie Post

Thanks, Rowland. Frogtown is always a-jumping!


I had no idea that Markie Post was also a writer. Seems enough that she is a great actor and very actractive at that. Thanks for the interesting essay.


what part of your hott body u say guys like best? size are ya tits? u loud during sex? fav position for sex?

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And, as always, there is that old semantic issue unique to this region

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Another cultural quirk of this place, I am reminded, is a tendency toward evangelism.

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Many quote the Bible and proselytize for both causes at the same time: “I’m a born-again Christian believer and love the Savior with all my heart, and there is nothing about this lifestyle that contradicts the Scripture,” one naked man earnestly testifies to me.

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Interesting blog,I really liked it.

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All Markies that I know are always a little crazy like this one.

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Your post gives me a little hope in this theme thank you.

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Being a nudist is nothing from the other world, only people who need to attention practice this.

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The word “naked” is taboo in nudist circles because it connotes vulnerability, but no Southerner can resist the word “nekkid


Markie, always with these mysterious decisions ... I wonder whats going on with it


see Markie naked .... that sounds too twisted to me, sometimes your words are very nasty.

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Nice blog Markie, I enjoyed reading!

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Congratulations Markie, you are great!

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I can't imagine your rhetoric against a nudist. hahaha.

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The Malcontent ? are you talking about the gay blog ?

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