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Tyler Bourbon

Yeah, this Imus story is absolutely ridicolous...I mean Al Sharpton, who was supposed to speak at Emory (State of race debate) cancelled his speech to go to a TV show talking about he feels about Imus. That's ridicolous.

I totally agree this role model point. What do kids actually learn in colleges? How to duck if problems show up? They should learn more self defense.
And how hypocrite is the media? If the sponsors wouldn't retreated there would be no consequences at all.

Crazy Hair Whore

When will this moment in media history pass? Who will step up to create a more riveting national headline than what some old dude said. He came across as saying something stupid -we all have just not on radio. The girls came across weak and probably headed to counseling, Sharpton & Jackson became bigger jackasses than they already were and CBS & MSNBC looked terribly weak.

Sadly for Imus he has probably never been more popular than he is right now.

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