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Conservative Gladiator

Wow...From the liberal press: "send out the "Conservatives" to shoot down their own."

Some serious hunters out there huh?

When I was a kid I went hunting with my Uncle who was avid. He helped me take my hunter's safety course and I shot guns and hunted for maybe a year's worth of my life.

I still to this day consider myself Pro-Gun and Pro-Second Amendment. No where in the LIBERAL article that you got this info from, and you need to admit, that you would have never picked up on it otherwise because you are "Conservative", does it say that Romney stated that he was against the Second Amendment in the past. While it may have been an error in stating "I've been a lifelong hunter", be honest and quote the whole dialogue and you'll see that there's nothing there. Even the article is not that deep. It's the headline that says more than the article.

Look rather than attacking the other people in the race so that you can prop your guy, why don't you go to your guy's campaign and ask why he isn't doing more? Why is their message only attracting the "Wiley" intellectuals like yourselves?

If you're attacking is based on your hate for Mitt Romney religion then I suggest you go to the other side where they welcome bigots as long as they can do it without being called on it.

You "Conservatives" need to grow up and leave the left wing propaganda and attacks to them. Heaven forbid that your guy comes to the front and they get shouted out for every little asinine thing they do and to top that off it's your own that start's to eat at him. I don't see you guys licking your chops for Rudy and what did he just say about abortion again?


Actually I just commented about Rudy in a previous post. And I've never said a word about Romney's religion except to address how others consider it. I don't care if he's Mormon or not -- in fact, I find Mormons to be, by and large. more consistent in their faith than your typical "Christian conservative."

Romney may have never said he opposed the Second Amendment, but if you can't see the difference between what he said then and what he says now you're nothing but a blind partisan. Indeed, he seems to me to be the right's version of Arianna Huffington. Pro-gay rights? That was then, this is now. Pro-Choice? That was Massachusetts, this is the GOP primary. Pro-gun? See above. The guy is a panderer, and I think I've provided sufficient proof.

By the way, the Salt Lake Tribune is hardly a liberal newspaper, and the article (actually written by the AP) merely quotes what Romney said. Was he misquoted? Are they lying about what he said in previous campaigns? Where's the denials?

This will surely piss you off, Conservative Gladiator, but you sound like a Clintonite, defending your candidate against all sane evidence. But take heart, your Stepford Republican is probably going to win the GOP nomination. Too bad.

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