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Was that your first-ever post on your old site? This July is, pretty much, National Nerd Month, at least for nerds like me. We've got the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie release at the end of next week, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book release the following weekend, and we'll cap the month with the release of The Simpsons Movie...all very geeky things for a 37-year-old (oh, mind you, I'll turn 38 on Bastille Day) about which to be almost uncontrollably excited...but I am! ; )


Yep Norma that was my second post on the blog -- and thanks for taking it in the spirit it was intended. I'll indeed by flying my geek flag for the Simpsons movie (though I hope it's better than the past few seasons have been).

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