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man, this was one of the best personal sports testaments i have read in a while.

good job.


Thanks man -- you couldn't ask for a better inspriation.


Nicely done. I just hope that the stats will always show a asterisk by Bonds.


Dusty Baker Remembers Hank's 715th (http://youtube.com/watch?v=lZF529oHmTU).


Dang. That extra ")" on the end shouldn't be there.


I got to meet Hank a couple of years ago at Rubye Lucas' retirement party. He was extremely kind and genial and it was a true honor and pleasure to chat with him and shake his hand.

I recounted to him a story my dad told me about seeing Hank in the Milwaukee airport in the early 70's that speaks volumes about the man. Basically, he got stopped by a big group of kids asking for autographs and obliged them all.

Hank seemed very pleased to hear me tell my dad's story and thanked me for telling him.

THAT (his actions in the 70's not my storytelling) is how professional athletes should be expected to act, especially the biggest of stars.

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