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I'm also sooooo tired of the whole "fell into a bad situation" argument. What the...?!? That and the whole boys-will-be-boys attitude.

He knew that it was wrong. Gimme a break.


It worked for OJ and he killed actual humans.

Lindsey Lohan could've killed people with her many DUIs she will get nothing but a slap on the wrist.

Sean Penn is a traitorous idiot yet he roams America freely today. In the revolutionary times the man would've been thrown to the gallows long ago.


To a certain I must agree - shooting deer and dogfights are both considered as sports and kills animals, like Bulls in Spain - it's entertainment there. However - shooting deer is not against the law.
On CNN I read several emails about that M.V. should be treated/killed like the dogs. Those people are sick. Sometimes I have the impression that dog owners mutate to fascists as soon somebody kills a dog. Even if they are nice animals - they are just animals. And those trained-to-kill dogs would have been executed anyway - because what family takes such a dog and let it play with there kids????

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