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And, honestly, isn't the cartoon strip more a commentary on westerners co-opting religions for their own purposes *cough* Madonna *cough* than it is some slight against Islam?


Be careful Mal, you're awfully close to reciting the talking points of conservative talk radio.


Once again, you totally missed my point. Gah!
Actually, it's sad that certain ideologies are reflexively protective of one religion or another. With the right, it's Christianity. Never criticize Pat Robertson or Falwell. And for many on the left, it's Islam. It would be nice if we could all identify intolerance or PC thuggery for what it is minus partisan blinders.


I vote for Religion Wars We take one person from each religion, put them in a cage and let them fight to the death. Whoever lives advances to the next round. Eventually we'll end up with one person alive from one religion... or a bunch of people from one religion. At least then we'll know which God is for reals.


why the left so hopelessly defends people who would just assume see them dead is beyond me. Leftism is a mental disorder - how else could a rational person charactize such mindless thought and behavior.

Some Other Mike

This is the conceit that leads me to view islam as more cult(s) than religion. And, a newspaper's refusal to print such things is simply done to appease evil.

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