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Haseem Jones

Have you ever swatted a fly? Set a mouse trap? Slapped a mosquito that was sucking your blood? Squished an ant?

How about eaten a hamburger, or chicken, or fish, or a ham sandwich or lamb chop or Canadian bacon pizza?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you're just as bad as Michael Vick. Dude fought some dogs. Hung a couple, electrocuted and drowned household pets. Big deal. You've killed animals too. So what's the difference?

Oh, the media says it's so bad. You don't see the media saying it's so bad to go around killing deers, or possums or cows or chicken or pigs or sheep or mice or squirrels. An animal's an animal.

Stop the hatin'.


It appears that "leaders" of NAACP and SCLC seem to be more determined in running their organizations into the ground spouting off about nonsense than to actually getting out into the low-income black communities in this country and actually striving to make a difference.

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