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Jack Straw

Dear ATLmalcontent,
Nice shot at GOP thugs for booing the CNN plant of a general. You might be interested in knowing that even after his Log Cabin Republican question was aired via YouTube, the GOP in the building applauded him when he was introduced. The booing by a small group of the audience started when he refused to shut the hell up. He was given a very clear answer to his question, it was simply not the answer he wanted. So he proceeded to make a speech and tell the candidates how they should think and vote. Unfortunately for the Hilary supporter, this was a GOP field and trying to discuss items that would help Republican voters distinguish among them. Letting Anderson Cooper's pet topic get more airtime than anyone else in the audience cared to talk about started to piss a few folks off - he was obviously not there as a legit Republican but trying to create havoc. And so, correctly as it turns out, they booed the plant.

That seems to have been of greater interest to you than the fact that the second largest cable news network couldn't sufficiently run a debate that prevented 33% (or more) of the questions to come from partisan Democrats. Republicans handled it, because they are used to attack dogs (while the Democrats pissed themselves over the idea of appearing on Fox).

Here is a hypothetical. Imagine if Fox planted 1/3rd of the questions for a Democratic debate from Republican operatives. How ape shit would the MSM go? Super apeshit? Super-nova apeshit? Somewhere above that, probably. How much attention did the MSM give CNN? A big yawn.

Not that any Republicans expected any different, just pointing it out.

Jack Straw


Nice diatribe, but no sale. I acknowledged CNN's sloppy vetting (at best), up front. Little doubt that CNN veers left, just like Fox veers right. What a revelation! I am a registered Indepedent. I have voted for Republicans in the past.

But unlike most others who regularly cast a ballot for the GOP (such as the talk radio buffoons who reflexively dismiss McCain as somewhat crazy, cause, you know, he actually fought in a war, unlike them), my respect for the men and women in uniform is not bound by ideology. Sure, the general rambled. But I can think of about 20 questions that were far less relevant. But they weren't booed.

Face it, the GOP is totally hypocritical when it comes to the military. They'll support as long as they tow the party line. Disgree with them on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," or torture, and that alleged respect becomes as transparent as Mitt Romney's smile.

Don't come at me like I'm Kos or Huffington. I blast both sides, and I don't retract a thing.



Sorry dude, but CNN intentionally f..ed this one up. But, I don't expect anything else from a half-ass network. Not one, but three democrat hacks are able to ask stupid questions.

Jack Straw

Dear ATLmalcontent,
I have no problem with gays serving in the military, and no problem with anyone pushing candidates to answer for their views.

However, just to be clear, I am not sure how booing a general who is openly criticizing the military for their policies is equal to not supporting the troops. Again, I don't care either way, but if the military says they need to keep the sex lines straight to keep morale up, then I am not sure how I am supporting the troops by attacking their view and telling them they are wrong - even if they are wrong.

I do have a hard time with blowhards and biased news sources - referring here to CNN, of course. While FOX leans right, they admit it and get on with their programming. There is nothing hidden. CNN and the rest of the MSM pretend to be objective, while continually reporting with left slant. It is not a conspiracy, just a bias that pervades the vast majority of the media. And I do want to acknowledge that you pointed it out either in the beginning of your post or a previous post. (If my comments were aggressive, it had more to do with being fairly hammered when I was writing - my apologies.)

I think my greater point was simply, booing a former general (for criticizing the military) may be unseemly, but it was a small minority of a partisan crowd. Getting duped by 1/3 of the questioners when you are a major media organization (and allied with Google, of all companies) is seriously embarrassing and a more significant story. But this is your blog, so who am I to judge.

peace in the middle east,
Jack Straw

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