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Let's not get carried away here. That $500 represents less than one ten thousandth of a percent of the money Ron got in the third quarter. Would I take it? Yep, you bet. It would take a really dishonest person to try and make a serious argument that Ron has much of anything ideologically in common with the Nazi way of things. Heck, take Ron's hard stance against government sponsored Eugenics programs for example. Nazism is all about Eugenics and cleansing that "master" race. If they would like to give money to the one candidate who is against most of what they stand for then so be it. That's what we call being a useful idiot.

Stormfront is a private website and as far as I know Mr. Black has not put any of his ideological hatred into action, has not been felonized and has full right to donate and vote for who he pleases.

The acceptance of the Black donation would be more politically-incorrect than immoral. I'm basically indifferent as to whether or not RP keeps that miniscule donation. I find most of what pro-Rudy and pro-Mitt folks stand for to be utterly disgusting. They want me to work to pay for the murder and oppression of innocent people. From what I can see, all of their money might as well be Nazi money, has blood all over it.


I'm definitely no Romney fan (as readers can attest) and I'm wary of Giuliani's Napolenoic complex, but returning money from a neo-Nazi is a no-brainer. Whether it's $1 or $1 million, the fact that this was even debated reflects very poorly on Paul, although I nonethless remain intrigued by his candidacy.

Gregor Morrill

Ah, good old guilt by association.


That $500 has generated a lot of free publicity. The fact that it has been debated does not reflect poorly upon Ron Paul. Campaigns are set up as pretty much their own little corporations. People do business with them by donating. To instantly turn away ideologically different donations would be to set a discriminatory precendent similar to that which the white supremacist folk push.


Guilt by association is legit, sorry but it's true. What would you say if a Muslim extremist donated money to Hillbot or Obama? Would they not be expected to return it? If I were Paul I'd get in front of the story, saying not only do I not want these people's money, but I don't want their support. Whatever votes he might lose he'd pick up from people impressed by his defiance.


BTW, I believe strongly in discriminating against white supremacists. Not through the government, but personally. I view them as Neanderthals. I want nothing to do with them. They can be ignorant if they want, and I'd defend their right, but they don't deserve the slightest hint of legitimacy.

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