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Some Other Mike

This is so absurd...

Oprah throws her support to Obama, in an attempt to hitch women up to a Chicago connection, and the move is chopped to mincemeat.

Clintons stack their years of corruption patronage against Obama, and separate the "head" from the "body" of the AA demographic block.

And you can't find a news report that doesn't cast one or both candidates in demographic light. For that matter, include Huckabee and Romney in that, as well.

It's kind of like everyone talking about The Curse, and its demise, when the Red Sox won the World Series in '04. The Curse was dispelled in '03, and hasn't been around since.


Not sure I follow. In fact I'm sure I don't. Not being snide, I just don't know where you're going with that.


Yes, but Mitts wants to know who let those dogs out. Who? Who?


Some Other Mike


RE: Oprah/Obama: They both staked their careers in Chicago; if they agree on anything at all, that's an instant endorsement.

RE: Clintons: Disregard this whole part. The strikethrough tag got filtered out, and I forgot to proofread. :/ Sorry about that.

RE: The Curse: Elections are lagging indicators -- they reflect the change in opinions necessary to elect a candidate. The question of "is America ready for a female and/or african-american president?" has already been answered, in the affirmative, by the fact that John McCain and/or Mike Bloomberg are the only two reasons that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are competing for a nomination instead of (effectively) a Presidency.

I draw comparison to the '04 Red Sox, in that "The Curse", to the degree such things exist, was broken (at least) with their postseason moves following the '03 ALCS, and the '04 ALCS victory. The resulting World Series sweep was the result of removing the obstacle.

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