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I don't see the problem here. If law-abiding citizens aren't allowed to carry guns in these places, but there's no check for guns on entrance to the places, what exactly is keeping those that do want to cause harm to others from bringing in their own weapons? It makes little sense to 'preach to the choir' so to speak.


The legislator's comment, that Emerson was "forced" to disarm, is the exact kind of politically shameless exploitation Republicans spend so much time ranting against. James Byrd, meet Meredith Emerson.
I'd also invite you to attend the Eastman Gun Show next time it rolls around. If you're adamant about gun proliferation, you owe it yourself to see the kind of people who would be carrying guns around. That's not a comment against rednecks, but the mean-spirited, Confederate-loving miscreants who ain't buying guns just to shoot some deer.

Al Kosa

And 24-year-old women hikers all own guns, right?

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